By Way of an Explanation

Conversation Pieces frames an on-going process of discursive design - it aims to generate situations and objects that provoke a dialogue around the production and consumption of fashion. The latest edition of Conversation Pieces is produced in conjunction with Tenderbooks and comprises of a reader which selected individuals have been asked to respond to. 

By Way of an Explanation presents an experimental and experiential account of the tensions that result from trying to rejoin two halves of a life that cannot bear the reciprocal load. It is presented as a series of short prose verses that sit between the pages of the texts in the reader. It is intended to be read as an account of a life that slips between theories, as an honest representation of experiences that inform, but are absent from the academic studies which make up the reader.

Conversation Pieces runs from June 16th - 30th 2018 at Tenderbooks, London.

London | United Kingdom

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